Information for Borrowers

Information for Borrowers

We are DIRECT LENDER to the Texas market with multi Millions in Private Funds for fix and flip loans, rental property loans, commercial property loans, hard money loans, new construction loans, and cash out for any type of property.


You call and we give you:

  • Immediate Quote
  • Pre-approval
  • Preliminary Figures


You send us:

  • Copy of purchase contract
  • Estimate of repairs
  • Your opinion of property value
  • Our short form Stated Income Loan Application, with no financials or verifications required


Within 24 hours:

  • Final approval
  • Review of final numbers
  • Ready to sign loan documents
  • Ready to fund within 2-5 working days
  • 24 hour rush funding available

Fix and Flip Loans

If you are a rehabber — buying, refurbishing, and then selling fixer or bank owned properties, or are simply looking to pull cash out of any type of property (residential or commercial) — we have programs specifically for you. With rehab properties, your profit can be anywhere from $10,000 to sometimes $50,000 or more on each property, but your success is dependent on a reliable source of financing to fund transactions efficiently and smoothly. It is our goal to make you look good as a property investor. That is why we pride ourselves on funding your fix and flip purchases fast, with no red tape. Our clients continue to get the best fix and flip deals in the industry because we help keep their reputation for performing intact.


Underwriting Guidelines

We appraise the property at as is value. The maximum loan to value is between 80% to 90% of present value. We may be able to fund 100% of your purchase price plus 100% of the repairs subject to appraisal. Funds are set aside from the loan for the fix-up costs and are released to you during the repair process. We can also lend based on up to 80% to 90% of your purchase price where we don’t need to hold any rehab funds. We can customize our loan program to fit your specific business model.


Program Steps

  1. You call and get an immediate quote/preliminary approval OR
  2. Fill out our short application to get an immediate approval and credit line letter to use as a proof of funds letter to put in all cash offers.
  3. If URGENT and you have a deal tied up now and need to move quickly you can email us ( with the following three items:
    1. Copy of purchase contract and your contact info,
    2. What you think the ARV is,
    3. The estimatated amount for repairs.

    Once we receive the above info via email, we will usually get back to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) with our value, our loan amount, and the amount you will need to bring into escrow at closing, if any.

Other Financial Services

We also offer hard money/private equity loans for:

  • Rental Properties
  • Commercial Properties

Call us if you have any questions or get started now! Just fill out our convenient application.