About Us

Texas Fix and Flip Loan Specialists

WeLendHardMoney was established with the mission of creating extraordinary mortgage solutions for the people of Texas. We are a direct lender specializing in fix and flip loans, hard money/private equity, construction loans, and creative lending solutions. If you are a fix and flipper — buying, refurbishing, and then selling fixer or bank-owned properties, or are simply looking to pull cash out of any type of property (residential or commercial) — we have programs specifically for you.

  • Specializing in the Texas fix and flip loan market.
  • No upfront appraisal fee so it doesn’t cost you anything to run the deal by us.
  • Flexible to custom make a loan based on your business model.

Industry Insider

At WeLendHardMoney we pride ourselves on funding very quickly with no red tape. We have loan programs available to fit nearly any situation, including poor credit, bankruptcy or foreclosure. For the past many years, we have helped everyone from first-time real estate investors to major developers acquire the perfect funding solution.

Family Owned

We are a family owned firm that boasts a friendly and loyal staff of investment counselors, loan officers, loan processors and support personnel, most of whom have been with us for many years. Our primary niche is dealing with fix and flip buyers — seasoned and experienced contractors/brokers/investors who specialize in acquiring fixer properties far below market value. We also offer loans for “spec” homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties. Make us your “one stop shop” for your real estate loans. Call us today or fill out this brief application to get started!